Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Project Runway as a creative inspiration

Inspiration is a curious thing. Sometimes a design magically pops into my head full blown. At other times, seemingly random, unrelated ideas bang around my brain for several weeks and finally - sometimes, painfully - come together. The new earrings pictured are a result of the latter.

Watching other people move through the creative process is comforting (yes, other designers do hit the wall) and inspiring (how did you ever come up with that idea?). I don't have that opportunity often since I'm usually working alone in my studio. I use that lack as an excuse for indulging my guilty pleasure - watching Project Runway. I often wonder how I'd fare if I had to create under the same conditions the designers on Project Runway face - creating and fabricating working against a clock. I'm not surprised when a contestant has a total meltdown under the pressure. I'd probably be reduced to a puddle in the first hour in the work room. But, I'm equally amazed at the incredible creations that emerge from the process. Maybe I should give it a try . . .

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